About us

DanioReadout provides genetic disease modelling and substance exposure services in the zebrafish embryo, integrated with unique methods for phenotyping using the latest technology.

The Danio Readout Approach

DanioReadout provides full-offer, customized, genome engineering and substance exposure service integrated with phenotypic evaluation in the intact zebrafish embryo. Our three main service areas are: modelling of human genetic diseases, with experience of generating nearly 200 novel gene knock-out models substance exposure studies human cancer modelling All services areas are integrated with an unique in-house developed automated image capture pipeline and data analysis using artificial intelligence. We are open to meet our customers needs by developing disease models and analysis methods specific for each project.


Johan Ledin, PhD


Johan Ledin is an Associate Professor at Uppsala university specialized in developmental biology.  He has since 2008 been leading a unit at Uppsala University providing advanced services in the zebrafish model system to Swedish academic researchers under the name Genome Engineering Zebrafish. From 2022 these services are open to academia and business under the name of DanioReadout.

Email: johan.ledin@danioreadout.se

Amin Allalou, PhD

Researcher in image analysis and AI

Amin Allalou have a long experience working with devloping image analysis and quantifiaction methods for various types of microscopy image data. He also has  extensive experience working with and developing imaging techniques for high-througput screening in zebrafish. 

Email: amin.allalou@danioreadout.se

Beata Filipek-Gorniok, PhD

Project manager

Beata has twelve years of experience working with the zebrafish embryonic model and nearly seven years of working with CRISPR/Cas9 technology. She has gained extensive experience in project leading and coordination while working with more than forty research groups, specialization in genome engineering, developmental studies, genetic disease modelling and more recently, cancer cells xenotransplantations.

Email: beata.filipek.gorniok@danioreadout.se